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The other day, I was scrolling through the internet and came across some weird pre-game rituals.

Three from two great NBA Players.

The first 3 were from Dwyane Wade, Miami legend.
They were:

  1. Does 3 Pull-ups while hanging from the rim
  2. Chews 3 pieces of gum
  3. Drinks exactly 3 bottles of Gatorade during every game.

No more, no less.

And the next 3 are even weirder, from another semi-legend Jason Terry.
His were:

  1. Wears the opposing team’s uniform to bed the night before the game
  2. Only eats chicken based dishes before a game
  3. Changes sneakers during intermissions if he misses consecutive shots during the game

Now these are head-scratching,

But I’ve seen even odder pre-game rituals including touching your nose to the vehicle that drove ya, eating the grass of the field about to play or even watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

But, it all has to do with mentality,

Whatever activities YOU need to do to get in that killer mind-set, shut off the outside noise and doubt, and be ready to dominate.

It’s about having a set pattern that your body knows it’s time to perform when you do that activity.

Whether it’s taking a pre-game poo,
Eating Lucky Charms marshmallows,
Or listening to that one hype song that gets you in that aggressive headspace.

This is why we program breathing to start all of our sessions. By starting our session with breathing work we are programming our nervous system to perform. It’s your time to get your mind right, and focus on the activity at hand. It’s our way of priming the body to be at it’s best, and something you can do anywhere to get the same response.

Sweat Athletics by Sweat 60 in Santa Monica develops youth athletes by introducing them to the following:

  • Foundational Strength Training in a safe environment
  • Sport Specific Strength Training and Nutrition
  • Resilience through the principles of developing an ironclad mindset

Run by former college athletes we have developed a clear system that gets athletes real results. For more information on securing your athlete a clear advantage email  Kevin@sweat60fitness.com

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