How to get slower this summer

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Normally I don’t do this.. But I’m going to poke a little at some of the speed advice I’ve been seeing out there…

Google speed drills, and you will see a list of all sorts of wacky drills and advice.

Most speed advice you will see will fall into one of two categories.

They either overcomplicate the speed situation. Or don’t address the root of the issue.

So if you want to get slower this summer here’s what you should do.

  • Count Your Stride Turnover
  • How about you fix your mechanics and the number of strides you use will take care of themselves?
  • Add Resistance

Parachutes, weighted vests, and other resisted sprints are a no-no from me. In a world where mechanics are an issue for 90% of athletes, adding resistance to wonky mechanics running will just make the situation worse. My caveat to this rule is using sleds to improve sprinting speed. Because of the angle of the sled we are actually able to replicate proper sprint mechanics while learning to produce higher levels of force into the ground.

Try Cross Country

I guess you could do that… But while you might learn to sustain moderate speed for a longer period of time, you will never get FASTER in Cross Country Running.

Now for some category two fun:
Buy lighter shoes
Lose weight
Run on the treadmill (I’m not kidding)…
The article said to do this because you run faster on the treadmill)
These things don’t fix the root issues like mechanics, tonic muscles, lack of stability, and low force generation.
Once these root issues are fixed, the speed will fall into your lap…
And you’ll surprise everyone around you with your explosive bursts of speed.

These things don’t come close to fixing the root causes of why you aren’t getting faster.

Issues like mechanics, tonic muscles, lack of stability, and low force generation.

So instead of googling advice and getting more confused work on things that move the needle forward.

Work on your ankle, knee and hip mobility.
Relax tonic muscles, while working to strengthen weaker ones.
Work on stability through your core.
Practice proper mechanics.
Get stronger on your squat, deadlift, and single leg stance.

Our Summer Program is built around each of these things, because it was designed to help each athlete increase their performance, just just look pretty on Instagram and Youtube.

Sweat Athletics by Sweat 60 in Santa Monica develops youth athletes by introducing them to the following:

  • Foundational Strength Training in a safe environment
  • Sport Specific Strength Training and Nutrition
  • Resilience through the principles of developing an ironclad mindset

Run by former college athletes we have developed a clear system that gets athletes real results. For more information on securing your athlete a clear advantage email  [email protected]

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