Indicators of Elite Athleticism

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How do you measure athleticism?

Is it who’s stronger? The fastest athlete? The one jumping out of the gym?

Every time I watch athletics, whether it be the pro’s, or one of my athletes there is one thing I notice that sets the top performers apart from the competition.

It’s not strength… More times than not the strongest athletes have their butts glued to the bench. (Unless we are talking about powerlifting or olympic lifting)

It’s not speed or bouncing ability… Typically the athletes with this attribute do have quite a bit of both.

ELITE performers have higher levels of Movement Efficiency.

Almost 100% of the time the athlete with the best movement efficiency is the best athlete on the field or court. They move around with grace and coordination, with each movement looking effortless.

They aren’t bound down by tight or restricted muscles. These athletes have the ability to remain “loose” until the last second. I like to give the example of an athlete like Kevin Durant. When you see him walk around, or play basketball he looks loose and free. When he decides to cut or jump he tightens up, explodes, lands then goes back to loosey goosey.

While some athletes are naturally gifted with higher levels of movement efficiency, this attribute can be developed.


Focus on quality pain-free movements instead of exercises. There are thousands of ways to squat.

Focus on daily stretching, mobility and activation. (Think of our daily warm-ups)

Perform each of your exercises with precise form.

These qualities are the basis of our Sports Performance Program. But only working these qualities two or four times a week isn’t enough. To improve your movement efficiency it takes focus and dedication to your mobility and recovery work. EVERY SINGLE DAY

Sweat Athletics by Sweat 60 in Santa Monica develops youth athletes by introducing them to the following:

  • Foundational Strength Training in a safe environment
  • Sport Specific Strength Training and Nutrition
  • Resilience through the principles of developing an ironclad mindset

Run by former college athletes we have developed a clear system that gets athletes real results. For more information on securing your athlete a clear advantage email  [email protected]

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