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What separates High Achievers?

What is the NUMBER ONE thing that separates talented individuals? Is it genetics, environment or something else? The Hall of Fame players from good players? How about players that start in college versus those that won’t touch the field? The answer isn’t complicated, sexy or mysterious… It’s not working harder, being born with great genetics,

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Indicators of Elite Athleticism

How do you measure athleticism? Is it who’s stronger? The fastest athlete? The one jumping out of the gym? Every time I watch athletics, whether it be the pro’s, or one of my athletes there is one thing I notice that sets the top performers apart from the competition. It’s not strength… More times than

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Little Things Don’t Matter… Until They Do

I feel like I’m constantly talking about the little things… Whether it’s in these messages, videos, in person, and even in my programs. Things like movement efficiency, Corrective stretching, Mobilization, Mechanics, Core Work, Stability. These things are small, and as such, they are EASILY overlooked (especially by an unfocused athlete)… But neglecting them has a

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How to get slower this summer

Normally I don’t do this.. But I’m going to poke a little at some of the speed advice I’ve been seeing out there… Google speed drills, and you will see a list of all sorts of wacky drills and advice. Most speed advice you will see will fall into one of two categories. They either

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It has little to do with training or nutrition… If you are struggling to perform better on the field or court… not seeing results from your training…. Stop looking for the program or supplement that will help your performance… You will only be wasting your time, energy and money… Because if you aren’t taking care

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Do you have this in common with the greats?

Three of the best to ever do it. Top-notch elite athletes. But that’s not all they have in common… Tom Brady has a diet that excludes fruit, coffee, olive oil, and salt that isn’t pink… Kobe showed up two hours before practice to shoot in a dark gym… Michael Jordan showed up to the court

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