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Kobe’s 3 tips to live by – RIP

I’ve been reading “Relentless” by Tim Grover highlighting his career working with stars such as Dwayne Wade, Kobe and Micheal Jordan. Finding myself watching documentaries of Kobe (Muse on Showtime) and Vince Carter (The Carter Effect On Netflix). Whenever I watch documentaries or read books I am always looking for insights on how these athletes

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Bounce Back From Mistakes Faster With This Drill

Everyone Makes Mistakes… But they don’t have to stop you. Here is one of the best sports lessons I was taught… and it’s pretty simple. Have you ever met someone without a belly button? Have you ever met someone who never made a mistake? I am 100% certain that the answer to both these questions

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The Most Important Question an Athlete Can ask themself

I have one question I ask all of the athletes I work with I even ask our athletes coming back from the competitive season, Before we even touch a weight, It’s always the same question.. What is your strength and weakness as an athlete? Think of this like another team or college is scouting you.

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Keeping fit while on the road

I’ve heard it all about working out from home.  You can’t get lean while working out from home… You can’t build muscle without going to the gym… you can’t. you can’t. you can’t. While this isn’t true, it just means we have to change how we train.  I agree it is easier to train at

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3 Physical Parameters to Determine your athletic ability

Every athlete is trying to improve their athletic ability. Sprinting faster. Jumping higher. Lifting more weights. But what parameters determine how you show off those athletic qualities in your sport? I’ve listed out three physical parameters you can measure yourself, to see what areas you need to improve to see your athletic potential. 1) Hip

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The other day, I was scrolling through the internet and came across some weird pre-game rituals. Three from two great NBA Players. The first 3 were from Dwyane Wade, Miami legend. They were: Does 3 Pull-ups while hanging from the rim Chews 3 pieces of gum Drinks exactly 3 bottles of Gatorade during every game.

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