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Nutritional Q & A

We have included a few commonly asked questions. Is there a minimum number of calories? The goal is to be as close to your weekly calorie goal as possible and we don’t want you thinking you can fast forward the process by eating way less than your goal. There is a method to the madness

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Nutrition Skills For Success

We want to provide you with some skills to maximize your success. #1: Control Your Environment For most people, the environment means their home. Take some time today to do a quick inventory of the different foods you have and get rid of the fast, easy, snacky foods. You know, the chips, soda, cookies, candy,

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Your Nutritional Order Of Importance

Here are some important considerations. #1: How much are you eating? Follow your personalized nutrition numbers and/or portions. Over time you will learn to eyeball portions and notice your internal hunger cues better. Ex. eating until satisfied vs stuffed. #2: Why are you eating? Are you hungry, bored, stressed, peer pressure, social, triggered by ‘high-reward’

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Meal Structure

Suggested Daily Structure (2000 calorie example) Meal 1: Shake or smaller meal with high protein (400 calories) 4-6 hours after you wake up Meal 2: 600 calories Meal 3: 600 calories Snack or Small meal: 400 calories Total: 2000 calories Snack can be in between meal 2 and 3 or after meal 3. You can

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90 Day Nutrition Strategy

1. Meet with your Sweat 60 coach, get your personalized nutrition plan with daily calorie recommendations, and Macros. 2. Track daily calories and eat at a calorie deficit. Use my fitness pal to track food. You can’t rush the process. Especially when we are talking about the human body and the intricate hormonal feedback loop

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Vacation Proof Your Diet

You don’t need another article that’s going to tell you the same old advice about eating healthy on vacation. “Watch your portions!” “Pack some snacks!” “Pick a cheat day!” You’ve heard it all before. And yet every year you go away for a fun vacation, get carried away at the buffet, and come back 3

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