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The Sweat Method
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Made in 60

This total body workout is designed to improve your overall fitness levels, including mobility, core, strength and conditioning. You can expect three rounds of core and three rounds of strength. You will burn a ton of calories while utilizing fun and effective exercises to maximize results.

You can expect core, plyometrics, running, kettlebells, slamballs and dumbbells.

Strength & Sweat

Our signature class consists of strength training and conditioning with an emphasis on technique and form. You will strengthen your main lifts and supporting muscle groups. This class is designed to increase strength and explosiveness.

You can expect Deadlifts, Back Squats, Pull-Ups, Lunges and dynamic movements. We carefully plan reps and load for you so you can achieve maximal results and continue to progress.

Sweat 45

Take your workout to the next level. This 45 min class is an intense core and cardio circuit style workout. It provides a variety of exercises with specific muscle conditioning to get you the best results possible. This is a great time to enjoy the music and feel the burn!

You can expect core, weights and cardio!

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