Self Care

Most of it consists of giving yourself a break, doing less and treating yourself better. Most of the time to the point of excess. All those things have a little value, they’re not worthless. But I think Self care and self love, as we discuss it, is not the path to a healthier self esteem. …

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Your Nutritional Order Of Importance

Here are some important considerations. #1: How much are you eating? Follow your personalized nutrition numbers and/or portions. Over time you will learn to eyeball portions and notice your internal hunger cues better. Ex. eating until satisfied vs stuffed. #2: Why are you eating? Are you hungry, bored, stressed, peer pressure, social, triggered by ‘high-reward’ …

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Meal Structure

Suggested Daily Structure (2000 calorie example) Meal 1: Shake or smaller meal with high protein (400 calories) 4-6 hours after you wake up Meal 2: 600 calories Meal 3: 600 calories Snack or Small meal: 400 calories Total: 2000 calories Snack can be in between meal 2 and 3 or after meal 3. You can …

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