Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training with Sweat 60

Experience a transformative fitness journey with our Personal Training program at Sweat 60. Our dedicated personal trainers will help you in setting specific goals, closely monitor your progress, and adjust your program to overcome training plateaus. Enjoy the benefits of personalized attention as you work with your personal coach one-on-one, with the added convenience of access to your coach for needed support. With a clear and tailored program designed to align with your goals, you’ll receive guidance not only in training but also in nutrition, and accountability.

  • 1v1 per session
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Opportunity to work out and be pushed by likeminded partners
  • Custom tailored programming
  • 2x or 3x a week options
  • 1 Free Month of Nutrition Coaching
  • Access Meal Delivery Service with Macro Meals
  • Access to Weekly Inbody Measurements
  • Exclusive discount for supplements and apparel

What Results can you expect?

Overcome frustration in the gym.

At Sweat 60, we understand the frustration of feeling like you’ve exhausted all options to achieve results in strength training. However, our scientifically backed approach is proven to work. Our track record demonstrates that with commitment and hard work, exceptional results are attainable, regardless of age, ability, or starting point.

Get the results you want.

While the definition of “results” may vary for each individual, our methods provide the measurable outcomes that truly matter to you. We deliver tangible improvements in weight, body fat, physical fitness, and performance, leaving a positive impact on qualitative measures such as mood, stress, confidence, and energy.

Client Results

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