It has little to do with training or nutrition… If you are struggling to perform better on the field or court… not seeing results from your training…. Stop looking for the program or supplement that will help your performance… You will only be wasting your time, energy and money… Because if you aren’t taking care […]

When Does Good Nutrition and Exercise Fail?

This, of course, is a trick question. Good Nutrition and exercise don’t fail. The only way for good nutrition and exercise not to work is if you fail to stick with it long enough for the results to show. Plain and simple. Here are the four steps to sticking with diet and exercise for the […]

Self Care

Most of it consists of giving yourself a break, doing less, and treating yourself better. Most of the time to the point of excess. All those things have a little value, they’re not worthless. But I think Self-care and self-love, as we discuss it, is not the path to a healthier self-esteem. Self care isn’t […]

Improve Sleep Quality

A perfect diet and a consistent daily movement training routine are all for nothing if you have poor sleep. When you fall into deep REM sleep your body starts releasing powerful fat-burning growth factors that heal your body including rebuilding muscle, connective tissue, and skin cells. NIGHT-TIME ROUTINE BASICS Finish your last meal of the […]

Meditation and Breathwork

We are huge fans of our meditation and breathwork. We have seen so many positive benefits in our personal lives and want to share this with you! It’s important not to judge, just do. Start creating consistency and daily habits. Stressed? Angry? Frustrated? Busy? Try starting with 5 min per day and build up to […]

Nutrition Skills For Success

We want to provide you with some skills to maximize your nutrition success. #1: Control Your Environment For most people, the environment means their home. Take some time today to do a quick inventory of the different foods you have and get rid of the fast, easy, snacky foods. You know, the chips, soda, cookies, […]

Meal Structure Made Simple

Suggested Daily Structure (2000 calorie example) Meal 1: Shake or smaller meal with high protein (400 calories) 4-6 hours after you wake up Meal 2: 600 calories Meal 3: 600 calories Snack or Small meal: 400 calories Total: 2000 calories Snack can be in between meal 2 and 3 or after meal 3. You can […]

7 Steps to Easy Meal Prepping

It’s no secret that the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts partake in the world of meal prepping, and many confess that this is the secret weapon behind their jaw-dropping body transformations. Meal prep is without a doubt one of the most reliable ways to consistently shed pounds, week after week. What is meal prep? It is a […]

5-Steps to the 48-Hour Recovery

What a weekend that was! You went out, you ate and drank and had a blast! And now the fun is over and the consequences are setting in…you feel terrible. You woke up with a headache, an overall feeling of bloating and a sluggishness that you can’t shake. It’s time to undo the damage brought […]