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At Sweat 60, our clients achieve remarkable results through our comprehensive approach. By focusing on functional strength training in all planes of motion, we empower individuals to become strong, resilient, and agile—all things that align with client goals. Our high-level coaching, supportive community, and encompassing member experience ensure that clients not only gain strength but also develop a deep understanding of their bodies, enabling them to maintain long-term health.



Sweat 60’s personalization, accountability, and community make it a life-changing experience that I recommend to anyone seeking a positive change.


Since joining, I’ve not only become physically stronger but also gained a better sense of overall well-being. Sweat 60 is a no-brainer and it’s definitely helped me and it could help you too.


The instant connection, individual support, and tailored approach kept me engaged. The trainers meet you where you are, and their genuine approach creates variety and a comfortable environment.


I initially did group workouts here and then turned to personal training after hurting my back during COVID-19. Sweat 60’s knowledgeable trainers and tailored approach have been great, making the challenging workouts enjoyable. They’ve helped me regain strength, eliminate back pain, and boost my energy.


With tailored workouts, I can hike, ski, and even golf better. If you’re willing to commit and want real results, Sweat 60’s approach is time well spent.



I was 60 pounds heavier before, but not only did I lose weight, I reshaped my body. Motivated by the results, accountability, and great trainers, I feel great at 73.


The flexible approach is fantastic. Kevin and I have been working towards my specific goals. The comfortable environment, community, and people are fantastic.



If I could give Sweat 60 100 stars, I would. Kevin’s training – and his modifications when needed – completely halted the progression of my knee pain and literally got me through race day pain-free.



The coaches make every effort to ensure that each person is getting the most out of their workouts. They do a great job of not only pushing you to consistently improve but making sure you do all of the movements with the correct form.



I needed to take action. Luckily life sent me Kevin to help get my life in gear and provide the tools necessary to make those positive changes in my life. Have I been perfect all the time? Hell No! Kevin has been there to keep me accountable, calls me out on my excuses, and sometimes acts as a part-time therapist…everything a good trainer should do.



Kevin’s approach as a personal trainer is more of a life coach. It is a holistic one encompassing not just exercise and fitness, but diet, sleep, and mental well-being. He sees the whole picture and he engages his clients to be proactive on many levels beyond his time with his clients.



Kevin has helped my only by helping me lose the weight I wanted but by developing positive lifestyle habits that allow me to consistently improve and get stronger throughout the process.

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