The Right Way to Train Through an Injury

By Kevin Atkinson
May 31, 2024

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We’ve all been there. A sprained ankle that just won’t heal. A pulled hamstring that keeps nagging. A tweaked back that makes laying down and standing up uncomfortable. Injuries happen—they’re part of an active lifestyle. But how well you recover is all about how you approach your healing process. 

For anyone dealing with a frustrating injury, personal strength training can be an important tool that gets you back to baseline, and beyond. At Sweat 60, our personal trainers work closely with clients to design injury-friendly workout regimens. Let’s break it down into three ways we can effectively work through injuries together. 

  1. Targeting the problem

It can be tempting to stop all activity if you’re dealing with an injury, but that’s not always the best option for your body (or your mind). It is possible to stay safe and active: recovery ground rules like listening to your doctor and knowing your physical limits are key, and our personal trainers can help you figure out all the other nuances of working out when you’re not at one-hundred percent.

Having a trainer that understands exactly what you’re dealing with means you can workout without risk and help yourself heal. When you’re injured, focusing on exercises that target the affected area—strengthening the muscles around it in order to improve stability—will build support and ultimately speed up your recovery. 

  1. Improving overall strength and balance 

An injury to one part of your body doesn’t have to mean that you stop hitting the gym entirely. Training through an injury will help you maintain and even improve your muscle strength. Focusing on unaffected areas while you’re recovering from an acute injury prevents overall muscle loss. Strengthening your core and other major muscle groups, including the legs, arms, and back, will also improve your overall balance and posture, making it less likely that you deal with other injuries in the future. 

  1. Preventing future injuries 

Like we said, resistance training is very powerful preventive medicine. By building up the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around your injury, you’re less likely to get hurt again. Our Sweat 60 trainers will teach you the right techniques to avoid putting unnecessary stress on vulnerable areas. 

Done right and consistently, a strength training regimen builds a more resilient body better equipped to handle physical stress. Book a complimentary strategy session to find out how our Santa Monica-based personal trainers can help you go from injured to empowered.

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