Yes, Personal Training Really Is Worth It

By Kevin Atkinson
May 31, 2024

Building strength for life

Personal training, in gym & online

At Sweat 60, we’re a fitness family. Our coaches get to know everyone who walks in the door, our community members form fast friendships, and we’re always pushing for improvement. If you’re looking for some more structure or wondering how to tackle challenging fitness goals, personal training might be the right solution. 

Our personal trainers are former professional athletes, experienced coaches, and fitness enthusiasts ready to help you design the workouts you really want and need. When it comes down to it, there are three really simple but significant things that make personal training worth it: customization, safety, and motivation. 

  1. Personal training is, well, personal. 

This might seem obvious, but personal training means you get a workout routine that’s uniquely yours. With so many different fitness recommendations and opinions out there, figuring out what’s actually working for you can seem almost impossible. Luckily, our expert team can help you design a routine tailored to you and your body. 

The Sweat 60 trainers create fitness plans that are aligned with your specific goals, fitness level, and any other needs and limitations you have that might feel a bit overwhelming to navigate alone. Recent studies have shown strength training has undeniable benefits, but everybody needs something a little different in their workout routine. Some people want to hit the gym everyday; others want a few targeted sessions. Either way, personalized plans mean efficient, safe workouts designed to get you to your goal—whether that’s weight loss, building muscle, improving your cardio, or maintaining your mental health. To sum it up, a personalized program gets you the results you really want

  1. Safety always comes first. 

A workout without proper form and technique isn’t just ineffective—it’s unsafe. At Sweat 60, good form is the foundation of everything we do. 

Our trainers make sure you master the basics of proper strength training technique so you can feel confident trying new moves and picking up some heavier weights. Experienced personal trainers provide hands-on guidance and form adjustments meant for your body. This means a way lower risk of injury, more muscle growth, and a constructive feedback loop that helps you get stronger and more confident with each session.

  1. You’ll feel way more motivated.

Even for the most fitness-focused people out there, it can be easy to fall into a rut with your workouts. When working out alone isn’t cutting it anymore, your personal trainer can keep you accountable and inspired to show up. 

Sometimes just knowing you have a personal training session scheduled is exactly what you need to get up and out of the door in the morning. Plus, your trainers keep a close eye on your progress, celebrating your achievements and pushing you when they know you’re ready to level up.

And we’re not just proud of our trainers at Sweat 60—our community members make a huge impact, too. Whether you’re working out one-on-one or joining one of our group training classes, you’ll meet plenty of people—coaches and athletes alike—who are here for you. 

If you’re ready to try a 1:1 workout, let’s get going. Book a complimentary strategy session and come see us in Santa Monica.  

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