Careers at
Sweat 60

At Sweat 60, we offer exciting and rewarding career opportunities for passionate individuals looking to make a positive impact in the fitness industry. Join our team of dedicated professionals and be a part of empowering individuals to achieve total strength and embrace sustainable fitness. As a member of our supportive community, you’ll have the chance to grow professionally, receive high-level coaching, and contribute to our mission of helping others excel in all aspects of life. Whether you aspire to be a personal trainer, fitness coach, or part of our administrative team, we welcome you to build a fulfilling career with us and make a difference in people’s lives.

Current Openings

Personal Trainer

Are you passionate about fitness and dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals? Sweat 60 Fitness Center is seeking a motivated and certified Personal Trainer to join our dynamic team.

More than just a gym

Our expertise in the science of the body and strength in personal training  expands far beyond the doors of our private gyms.

Strength Building

Elevate your strength with Sweat 60’s comprehensive training programs. Achieve remarkable results through science-backed techniques.


Enhance your fitness journey with Sweat 60’s premium nutritional supplements. Fuel your progress and optimize your results.

Online Training

Experience Sweat 60’s transformative training from anywhere. Our online platform offers personalized workouts and expert guidance for your fitness journey.