What makes Sweat 60 Different?

What distinguishes us is not just our focus on outstanding fitness programs, but also our commitment to living by a set of fundamental values that shape our behavior and define our brand.

These values form the foundation that sets us apart, positioning us as a unique presence within the fitness industry.

Sweat 60 Values

Our values are core to who we are and how we operate at Sweat 60. If you’re here, you value these things too.


Be passionate about helping one another every day

We believe in fostering a culture of support and collaboration, where each team member is driven by a genuine passion to assist and uplift others on their fitness journey.


Do the right thing all the time

We uphold the highest ethical standards and hold ourselves accountable to always making choices that align with integrity, honesty, and respect.


Always under-promise and over-deliver

We strive to exceed expectations by consistently setting realistic goals and then going above and beyond to deliver exceptional experiences and results for our members and trainers.


Be aware and take responsibility for outcomes

We encourage a mindset of accountability, where every team member takes ownership of their actions, decisions, and the overall outcomes they contribute to, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.


Be honest and responsive to concerns

We prioritize open and transparent communication, valuing feedback and actively addressing any concerns with sincerity, empathy, and a commitment to finding effective resolutions.


Treat each other with respect

We foster a respectful and inclusive environment, where every individual is valued, appreciated, and treated with dignity, embracing diversity and promoting a sense of belonging for all.


Science-backed, tailored fitness program design

We are dedicated to evidence-based practices, designing fitness programs grounded in scientific principles, and tailoring them to meet the unique needs, abilities, and goals of each individual or group we serve.


Be the best part of one another's day

We strive to create an uplifting and positive atmosphere, where every interaction leaves a lasting impact, aiming to be the highlight of our members’ and team members’ days through our unwavering dedication, support, and genuine care.

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