Meal Structure Made Simple

By Kevin Atkinson
August 16, 2023

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Suggested Daily Structure (2000 calorie example)

  • Meal 1: Shake or smaller meal with high protein (400 calories) 4-6 hours after you wake up
  • Meal 2: 600 calories
  • Meal 3: 600 calories
  • Snack or Small meal: 400 calories
  • Total: 2000 calories

Snack can be in between meal 2 and 3 or after meal 3. You can also have meal 3 be a larger meal at 800 calories and skip the snack.

The Eating Structure

We are going to be fasting for the first 4-6 hours of the day. Sparkling water and black coffee is best. Then, we will be keeping our first meal very light. I recommend sticking to the same thing everyday. For a collagen protein shake. Alternatively, you could have 3-4 eggs (200-300 cals and 20-30g protein), and a banana.

Collagen has advantages because it’s very filling per unit of calories (especially when consumed in hot water), and it’s great for your joints, skin, hair, nails and gut health.. But again, We recommend keeping this simple and consistent.

Meals 2 and 3 should focus on lean meat, fats and carbs. Just make sure you are tracking your calories.

As for the snack, this is an opportunity to provide some variety. As long as you have been accurately tracking your calories you can have a dessert or something yummy here.

Having a strong, lean & healthy body is a result of more than just training hard. We hope that is already starting to become clear. You will begin to notice a difference in how you look, feel and perform, as you begin putting it ALL together.

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