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Most of it consists of giving yourself a break, doing less and treating yourself better. Most of the time to the point of excess. All those things have a little value, they’re not worthless.

But I think Self care and self love, as we discuss it, is not the path to a healthier self esteem.

Self care isn’t buying a dozen donuts on Saturday. Self care is finding a nutrition path that meets all your energy and mental needs.

Self care isn’t ignoring your phone for a week because you can’t deal with all the needs of other people. Self care is creating boundaries around yourself to command the respect for your time.

Self care isn’t skipping the gym for a month. Self care is finding the appropriate challenge for yourself so you can snowball into a stronger person.

The fastest path to feeling better about yourself and to caring more for yourself.

Daily routines will help to create this shift.

Example routine

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Track calories
  • Walk or Complete a workout

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