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It has little to do with training or nutrition…

If you are struggling to perform better on the field or court… not seeing results from your training…. Stop looking for the program or supplement that will help your performance…

You will only be wasting your time, energy and money…

Because if you aren’t taking care of this one thing you will ALWAYS be leaving performance on the table…

This is one of the biggest issues I see affecting all athletes and those who are looking to improve performance…

It’s your SLEEP.

And recently researchers have discovered that it can cause serious muscle loss, strength loss, and overall vigor on the field.

Here are some stats for you,

  • Performance: Anything less than 8 hours of sleep per night and time to physical exhaustion drops 10- 30% and aerobic output is reduced by up to 20%
  • Injury-prevention: Youth athletes that get less than 8 hours per sleep per night are 170% more likely to get injured. Less than 25% of youth get enough sleep.

If that’s enough to convince you, let’s look at some studies done with NBA Players.
When NBA Players get 8 or more hours of sleep

  • +12% Increase in minutes played
  • +29% Increase in points/minute
  • +9% Increase in free-throw percentage

When NBA Players get less than 8 hours of sleep..

  • +37% Increase in Turnovers
  • +45% Increase in fouls committed

If that doesn’t make you want to sleep more I don’t know what will…

So here are 3 big rules to for your sleep

1) Consistency – Just like anything, it is more consistent with your sleep schedule so you can create good habits. Always try to go to bed around the same time (+- 1 hour) and wake up at the same time. Research shows that the most important aspect of sleep is consistent wake up times.

2) Nutrition – No caffeine 5-6 hours before sleep. Even though you might be able to fall asleep, your quality will decrease. Plus there is no need to be chugging Mountain Dew at 10 o’clock at night while you play video games with your friends.

3) Environment – Environment matters. Make your room as dark as possible, TURN THAT TV OFF! If you struggle with sleep, look at getting better pillows or a mattress topper. Keep your room on the cold side, around 67-70 degrees is perfect!

8 hours of sleep isn’t a goal.. It’s the minimum to reach your potential.

Sweat Athletics by Sweat 60 in Santa Monica develops youth athletes by introducing them to the following:

  • Foundational Strength Training in a Safe Environment
  • Sport Specific Strength Training and Nutrition
  • Resilience through the principles of developing an ironclad mindset

Run by former college athletes we have developed a clear system that gets athletes real results. For more information on securing your athlete a clear advantage email

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