Your Nutritional Order Of Importance

By Kevin Atkinson
August 16, 2023

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Here are some important considerations.

#1: How much are you eating?

  • Follow your personalized nutrition numbers and/or portions. Over time you will learn to eyeball portions and notice your internal hunger cues better. Ex. eating until satisfied vs stuffed.

#2: Why are you eating?

  • Are you hungry, bored, stressed, peer pressure, social, triggered by ‘high-reward’ foods…

#3: What are you eating?

  • We recommend the majority of the time: lean proteins, veggies, fruit, starches and healthy fats.

#4: When are you eating?

  • Meal timing and frequency comes down to personal preference and what you can execute consistently. Focus on our MMM 90 day strategy and you eat your personalized nutrition numbers everyday.

Our recommended starting point is a shake – 2 square meals a day. People tend to do better with a bit bigger meals as opposed to 5 or 6 smaller ones and getting in the habit of snacking on junk. Bigger meals tend to be more satisfying AND having less meals to prepare is more convenient.

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