Meet Chris

I wasn't sure how to achieve my physical goals.

I’m Chris, a professional investor, and I’ve been coming here for about six months now. Kevin and I used to be neighbors, and one day we met in front of our buildings. He looked like a workout guy, and when I asked what he does, he said he runs a gym and invited me to come by. One session turned into six months of working out here.

It’s great for many reasons, particularly the tailored workouts that align with my goals. The flexible approach is fantastic. Kevin and I have been working towards my specific goals. The comfortable environment, community, and people are fantastic. When I started during COVID, my shape was worse. Having this place during COVID was great, and it also helped me get smarter about training, addressing pain points, and flexibility. Consistency, great trainers, and improvements in strength, flexibility, and endurance have been my highlights.

Come try a workout; you’ll enjoy it and working out with Kevin, Jordan, or Courtney.

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